Endorsed by Gov. Rick Perry!

October 13, 2021
Endorsed by Gov. Rick Perry!

I’m so honored to announce the endorsement of former Governor Rick Perry, who also served as President Trump’s Secretary of Energy. I have great memories of working with him both as Tarrant County Republican Chair and as a legislator. I appreciate his conservative leadership, friendship, and strong support.
Governor Perry said,

“I’ve known Stephanie Klick since she was the Chair of the Tarrant County Republican Party and I was Governor. Stephanie has always had an unwavering commitment to advancing our shared conservative agenda of protecting religious liberty, securing the border, keeping the ban on a state income tax and defending the unborn. As state representative, she’s consistently and solidly pro-life, pro-family, pro-2nd amendment and pro-taxpayer. Stephanie Klick is a principled conservative and she has my full endorsement.”

I’m humbled by the endorsements I’ve received over the past few weeks, and the words of encouragement from fellow conservatives:

Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn said “Stephanie Klick is a conservative who opposes liberal, wrongheaded efforts to defund law enforcement. She personally authored and passed legislation which in the future could very well save the lives of law enforcement officers ….”

GOP Precinct Chair and Former Haltom City Councilman Jim Sutton said “Though some go to Austin and are changed, Stephanie Klick has not …. she is still the principled, conservative individual I’ve always known her to be.”

Mona Bailey, Tarrant County GOP Vice Chair of Legislative Affairs and GOP Precinct Chair said “Stephanie Klick is a respected, effective conservative leader who is committed to border security, defending the unborn, and fighting bad ideas like defunding the police …..”

GOP Precinct Chair Elouise Kennedy said in part “she’s respected as a leader who does her homework, is always extremely prepared, and as a result is effective in representing our conservative values in Austin ….”

Tom Quinones, GOP Precinct Chair and Former SREC Member stated “Rep. Klick has authored, co-authored and passed some of the most monumental pro-life legislation enacted into law anywhere in the nation…”

And our Tarrant County DA Sharen Wilson said “she is a trusted and valued partner as we work to ensure an effective criminal justice system that protects our communities …. Stephanie Klick is known as a person of the highest integrity, and we need her continued service in the Texas House.”
These words mean the world to me. Thank you for the continued honor of representing you in the Texas House.

God Bless Texas,