Release the Files: David Lowe Must Come Clean With Voters


After the breaking news that David Lowe was demoted after only 11 weeks in his law enforcement position and is no longer eligible for re-hire, it’s time for David Lowe to come clean.

David Lowe must authorize Collin County to release all of the records related to this abrupt demotion – in an unredacted form – to the public.

First, David Lowe was exposed for his years-long investments in numerous seedy, raunchy porn domains like, – and others.

He only admitted to these after being exposed by a law enforcement organization.

Now, new reporting reveals that David Lowe was abruptly demoted from his position in Collin County law enforcement after only 11 weeks on the job at a 30% pay cut.

Of greater concern, we learn from Republican Collin County Sheriff Jim Skinner that David Lowe is not eligible for re-hire.

Specifically, the Sheriff states: “Under its current policy and standards, David O. Lowe is not eligible for re-hire as a peace officer with the Collin County Sheriff’s Office.”

In light of Lowe’s previous history, this latest disturbing revelation raises new questions:

  • Why has David Lowe not disclosed this troubling demotion to voters?
  • What were the circumstances leading to this sudden demotion?

What else is David Lowe hiding from the voters?

Our district has been embarrassed enough by David Lowe, and we need to know if there is another shoe ready to drop.

We hire the best and the brightest to protect and serve us. Now, we have a respected law enforcement official who has rendered David Lowe as unqualified for such a position of public trust.

Our community deserves to know why.