Rep. Stephanie Klick Endorsed by 90% of HD 91 Republican Precinct Chairs

September 23, 2021


I wanted to share this exciting news with you….

It’s an honor to earn the endorsement of the overwhelming majority of Republican Precinct Chairs in our district. I hope you’ll take a minute to read the news below ….I’m humbled and grateful.

Grass Roots Leaders Applaud Conservative Leadership

(Tarrant County, TX) – Following a session where she helped author and pass key conservative legislation, State Representative Stephanie Klick announced endorsements from 90% of Republican precinct chairs eligible to endorse (28 of 31) in Tarrant County’s Texas House District 91. The district includes Watauga, Richland Hills, North Richland Hills, as well as portions of Haltom City and Fort Worth (see following page for a list of endorsing precinct chairs).

Rep. Klick stated, “I am humbled to have the support of these precinct chairs who give so much of their time in keeping Texas strong and conservative.  Many of these grass roots leaders have known me for many years, know me the best, and know my strong conservative record on life, border security, election integrity, religious liberty, and much more.  It’s an honor to have their continued support, and I don’t take it for granted.”

Former Haltom City Councilman and GOP Precinct Chair Jim Sutton endorsed Rep. Klick, stating, “I have known Stephanie Klick for almost 30 years, and have worked with her as an elected official and during her term as Tarrant County Republican Chair.  Though some go to Austin and are changed, Stephanie Klick has not …. she is still the principled, conservative individual I’ve always known her to be.  Stephanie is a consistent conservative who has never wavered from her deeply held values and beliefs.  I love her tenacity, her accessibility, and most importantly the priority she places on her faith and family.  As she seeks another term, she has my strong support.”

Longtime Republican Leader Mona Bailey of North Richland Hills serves as Tarrant County GOP Vice Chair of Legislative Affairs and precinct chair.  She stated, “Stephanie Klick is a respected, effective conservative leader who is committed to border security, defending the unborn, and fighting bad ideas like defunding the police. She leads by mentoring other members, bringing fellow Republicans together to pass key conservative legislation.  Stephanie is willing to listen to and work with others, but has never compromised on her conservative world view, which is the core of who she is.”

North Richland Hills Precinct Chair Elouise Kennedy stated, “I’m excited to announce my wholehearted endorsement of Stephanie Klick. She’s respected as a leader who does her homework, is always extremely prepared, and as a result is effective in representing our conservative values in Austin.  Her long record of passing pro-life legislation is just one example of why we need to keep her working for us.”   Kennedy has served as a precinct chair for at least a decade.

Precinct Chair Tom Quinones of Haltom City is also a former member of the State Republican Executive Committee.  In his endorsement, he stated, “Rep. Klick has a well-deserved reputation for thorough and detailed research on the conservative issues she champions.  As an example, for years I have watched her fight fearlessly for the unborn.  Rep. Klick has authored, co-authored and passed some of the most monumental pro-life legislation enacted into law anywhere in the nation. Stephanie Klick is a strong, principled voice on life and many other pressing issues such as border security, religious liberty, and protecting taxpayers. I’m pleased to endorse her for re-election to the Texas House.”

HD 91 Precinct Chairs Endorsing Rep. Klick:

Steve Atwell, Pct. 4528, Fort Worth
Mona Bailey, Pct. 3333, North Richland Hills
Jason Butz, Pct. 3164, Richland Hills
Mary Childs, Pct. 3527, North Richland Hills
Carol Coy, Pct. 3509, Watauga
Daniel Cromer, Pct. 3324, North Richland Hills
Brian Crowson, Pct. 3209, North Richland Hills
Jerry Davis, Pct, 4588, Fort Worth
Jerree Frazier, Pct. 3062, North Richland Hills
Loyce O. Greer, Pct. 3131, Richland Hills
Paul Grove, Pct. 4234, Fort Worth
Cathryn Johnston, Pct, 4191, Haltom City
Elouise Kennedy, Pct. 3387, North Richland Hills
John Konderla, Pct. 3194, Watauga
Ed Lopez, Pct. 3325, Richland Hills
Brandon Melton, Pct. 4159, Haltom City
Russell Mitchell, Pct. 3289, North Richland Hills
Eric Morris, Pct. 4141, Haltom City
Mary Mullins, Pct 3214, North Richland Hills
Buster Neubauer, Pct. 3326, North Richland Hills
Ricky Roberts, Pct. 3287, Watauga
Tom Quinones, Pct. 4218, Haltom City
Dennis Sandegren, Pct. 3367, North Richland Hills
David Staine, Pct. 4261, Fort Worth
TJ Stanley, Pct. 4290, Haltom City
Mary Stone, Pct. 3364, North Richland Hills
Jim Sutton, Pct. 4410, Haltom City
Brendan Walsh, Pct. 3725, North Richland Hills