Passing Record Border Security Funding
Fighting the Radical Transgender Crowd, Banning Gender Modification Surgeries on Minors 
Historic Property Tax Relief – Working to Provide Even More!
Keeping Neighborhoods Safe, Criminals Behind Bars
Expanding Second Amendment Freedoms; Endorsed by NRA and Texas State Rifle Association 
Back the Blue:  Defending Law Enforcement from the Liberal Mob
Defending Life:  Historic Accomplishments
Protecting Girls From Being Forced to Compete with Boys in Sports
Fighting for Medical Freedom:  Coercion is not Consent!
Ensuring Election Integrity
Protecting Religious Liberty
Opposing Critical Race Theory (CRT)
Improving Education, Respecting Parent Rights
Banning A State Income Tax
Supporting Our Retired Teachers with a Well-Deserved Cost of Living Increase

Texas border wall

Passing Record Border Security Funding 

Working to Stop Drug Cartels, Human Trafficking and Illegal Immigration; Endorsed by National Border Patrol Council 

With the Biden/Harris administration turning a blind eye to the crisis at the border (largely created by them), Stephanie Klick voted for the largest border security funding plan in Texas history.    

  • Rep. Klick voted to allocate over $6 billion to beef up border security, including $1.5 billion for the border wall.   
  • Additionally, these funds pay for a wide range of tools such as patrol boats, surveillance cameras, aircraft, and more boots on the ground:  troopers, Texas Rangers, the State Guard, and the National Guard.   
  • Stephanie will continue to support resources to secure the border so we can end the humanitarian crisis and combat the drug cartels, human traffickers, and potential terrorists intent on harming our country.   
  • The National Border Patrol Council, representing more than 18,000 Border Patrol agents and support personnel assigned to the U.S. Border Patrol, has endorsed Rep. Klick, saying: “Rep. Stephanie Klick has a long and proven record in support of border security funding and policies to protect our southern border.  She strongly supported SB 4, the strongest border security bill in the nation.  We know Stephanie Klick will continue to partner with Governor Greg Abbott to combat drug cartels, human and sex traffickers, and potential terrorists who threaten our nation.  We urge HD 91 voters to return her to Austin to continue that fight.”    

Fighting the Radical Transgender Crowd, Banning Gender Modification Surgeries on Minors 

Stephanie Klick helped lead the fight to ban dangerous gender modification surgery on our kids. As she worked to pass this law, pro-transgender protesters even staged a “Die In” at the Texas Capitol against Rep. Klick. Stephanie stood firm and passed the bill out of the Public Health Committee which she chairs. Today, this bill is law. 

Stephanie’s opponent is lying to voters. In fact, Governor Abbott has said: “Stephanie Klick fought against the radical transgender movement and banned gender modification surgeries on minors.” Dr. Tom Oliverson, author of this bill, has said “the lies and smears against Stephanie Klick must stop. Stephanie was at my side, fighting back Democrats who tried to kill this bill. She’s a warrior for conservative values.” 

Historic Property Tax Relief – Working to Provide Even More! 

Stephanie worked to pass the largest property tax cut in Texas history, providing $18 billion in property tax relief for Texas homeowners and business.  With an expected multi-billion dollar surplus next year, Stephanie will work with Governor Abbott to provide even more property tax relief in the next legislative session.    

Skyrocketing property taxes place a burden on family budgets, whether a young growing family struggling to make ends meet or retirees and the elderly.   Stephanie has worked to provide property tax relief and to empower taxpayers with a stronger voice in decisions that affect their property tax bill.   

  • Stephanie passed a Constitutional Amendment that will allow voters to increase their homestead property tax exemption by sixty percent. 
  • Rep. Klick worked to ensure that cities, counties, and other taxing units must receive voter approval before raising taxes or issuing more debt.   
  • She also supported changes that will bring more accountability and transparency to the process of protesting appraisals.   

Keeping Neighborhoods Safe, Criminals Behind Bars 

Rep. Klick Voted to Make it Harder for Dangerous Criminals to Get Out on Bail 

After a series of incidents where criminals were released on bond and went on to murder innocent Texans, Rep. Klick supported new legislation to help to keep these violent offenders behind bars and off the streets by reforming our state’s bail system. The Damon Allen Act was named after the state trooper murdered in Central Texas in 2017 on Thanksgiving Day.  His killer was out on bond despite previously being arrested for assaulting a deputy two years earlier.  Rep. Klick knows that to keep citizens safe, we must stop the “revolving jailhouse door” prevalent in some counties due to abuse of the bail system.

Expanding Second Amendment Freedoms; Endorsed by NRA and Texas State Rifle Association 

Passing Constitutional Carry; Fighting Liberals Who Threaten Our Gun Rights  

In the recent past, it has become even more evident we must be vigilant in defending our constitutional right to defend our family, property, and even our lives.  That’s why Stephanie has consistently voted to protect our Second Amendment freedoms, and will continue to oppose efforts by liberal gun-grabbers who try to impose restrictions on law abiding citizens.  In the 2021 session alone, she supported 12 pro-Second Amendment bills that passed into law. 

  • Rep. Klick co-authored Constitutional Carry, which allows law-abiding adults, 21 or older, to carry a handgun concealed or unconcealed for personal protection without paying a fee and obtaining a license from the state. 
  • Rep. Klick supported a bill to ensure that your constitutional right to purchase and own firearms during future disasters or emergencies will not be infringed. 
  • FROM THE NRA: “The fact is that more significant pro-gun measures have passed and become law in the Lone Star State during Stephanie Klick’s tenure in the Texas House than in any other state in the nation.  She voted for historic open carry, campus carry and constitutional carry legislation, a landmark bill prohibiting companies that discriminate against the firearm industry from obtaining government contracts, critical emergency powers reform measures preventing closure of firearm businesses during future disasters, a first-in-the-nation travelers’ protection law ensuring that hotel guests can transport and store their guns in overnight accommodations, and newly-minted statutes rolling back gun-free zones and outlawing the use of unique merchant category codes by credit card companies and woke banks to track lawful firearms purchases. Stephanie Klick opposes gun bans, magazine limits, red flag gun confiscation laws, and federal encroachment on our firearm freedoms.  Texas primary runoff elections take place on May 28.  Vote early or on election day to re-elect Stephanie Klick in Texas House District 91, the ONLY candidate in this race with an actual record of protecting your Second Amendment rights in Texas.”  

Click here to read the letter from Matt Schaefer, Author of the Constitutional Carry Bill, Endorsing Stephanie Klick 

Back the Blue:  Defending Law Enforcement from the Liberal Mob  

Stephanie authored and passed a bill to protect injured police officers from rioters

Because of her proven record in supporting law enforcement, Stephanie is endorsed by the Fort Worth Police Officers Association PAC, Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association PAC, Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT), Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA), and the National Border Patrol Council. 

Stephanie is a staunch supporter of the men and women in blue who protect our communities and keep us safe.  In 2020, two Sheriff’s deputies in California were critically wounded.  Anti-police protesters then blocked emergency vehicle access and entrances to the hospital where the officers were treated, putting lives at risk.  Sadly, one of the protestors yelled, “We hope they die.” 

Stephanie Klick vowed to ensure that never happens in Texas, writing and passing a bill to impose a state jail felony for anyone who blocks emergency vehicle access to a hospital or health care facility.   

  • Additionally, Rep. Klick helped pass legislation to stop cities from defunding their police departments by freezing their ability to collect any new property tax revenues and removing their power of annexation.  Under this new law, the state can withhold sales tax revenue from any city that defunds their police, then send that money to the Texas Department of Public Safety to cover the cost of providing protection for those cities.  
  • Stephanie also worked to pass a bill which allows Tarrant County prosecutors to charge anyone distributing a fatal dose of Fentanyl with murder.  

Stephanie worked with Rep. Shelby Slawson, author of the Texas Heartbeat Bill, to ensure passage of this landmark legislation which states that if a baby’s heartbeat is detected, the baby must be protected.

Stephanie worked with Rep. Shelby Slawson, author of the Texas Heartbeat Bill, to ensure passage of this landmark legislation which states that if a baby’s heartbeat is detected, the baby must be protected. 

Defending Life:  Historic Accomplishments 

Rep. Klick named THE “Pro-Life Champion of the 88th Legislature 

Stephanie Klick is known as one of the strongest pro-life legislators to ever serve in the Texas House, and she has been honored and endorsed by leading pro-life organizations for her efforts in protecting the unborn. 

  • She was one of four Joint Authors of the Texas Heartbeat bill, ensuring that abortions cannot occur when a baby’s heartbeat is detected.  For her strong, unapologetic leadership on this bill, Rep. Klick was named as a defendant in at least 14 lawsuits seeking to overturn this law. 
  • Stephanie authored and passed into law a bill to ban the dangerous practice of mail order chemical abortions.  Lax enforcement by the Biden Administration allowed out-of-state doctors to prescribe abortion-inducing drugs that are delivered through the mail with no medical supervision. As a nurse, Stephanie believed we had to act in order to go after these individuals who flagrantly violated Texas laws. 
  • Stephanie voted for the “trigger” law that  enacted a ban on abortion in Texas after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade. 
  • Stephanie helped pass a law banning the heinous, barbaric practice of partial birth abortion, and passed legislation banning the gruesome practice of dismemberment abortions.  After being held up in the courts, this bill was upheld by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. 
  • In 2019, Rep. Klick was a joint author of the Texas Born Alive Protection Act, which outlawed practices that amounted to legalized infanticide. This bill required appropriate medical treatment for infants born alive after an abortion, imposing criminal penalties on any doctor who failed to attempt to save the life of the baby.  

Stephanie Klick and Dr Tom OliversonState Representatives teaming up for life: the medical team of Registered Nurse Stephanie Klick and Dr. Tom Oliverson beating back Democrat amendments attempting to kill key pro-life legislation.

Stephanie Klick Save Girls Vote

Stephanie shown here with her Republican colleagues, voting to pass a bill to stop boys who claim to be girls from competing in girls’ sports. Rep. Klick served as one of four joint authors of the legislation that was staunchly opposed by liberal activists. 

Protecting Girls From Being Forced to Compete with Boys in Sports 

One of Four Joint Authors to Save Women’s Sports 

Despite widespread opposition from liberal activists, Stephanie protected young girls by helping pass a bill to stop boys who claim to be girls from competing in girls’ sports.   This commonsense measure prohibits biological males from competing in University Interscholastic League (UIL) sports meant for biological females.  Males have more size and more muscle strength, giving them an unfair advantage over females.  Stephanie believes this is about fairness, and quite frankly reducing the safety risk to young girls when they are forced to compete against biological males. 

In the most recent session, Stephanie helped to ensure that women at the collegiate level were protected as well.      

Stephanie Klick Speaking

Fighting for Medical Freedom:  Coercion is not Consent! 

A Registered Nurse, Stephanie Opposes Vaccine Mandates; Honored as a “Champion Legislator” by Texans for Medical Freedom 

A registered nurse, Stephanie Klick was named a champion for medical freedom for her successful efforts to ban COVID vaccine mandates by employers and government.   

Stephanie believes consent must be voluntary and without coercion.  Initially, President Biden said that he would not impose vaccination mandates, yet he betrayed his promise.  Stephanie supports the legal challenges to these actions which trample on our constitutional freedoms.  These draconian mandates remove our voice in making our medical decisions, set a dangerous precedent, and must be opposed.  No Texan should be forced to choose between keeping their job and protecting their medical freedom.  

Ensuring Election Integrity

Klick Stood Firm Against Texas Democrats Who Fled the State to Kill Election Reforms 

Stephanie believes that we must have every confidence in the integrity of our elections, that every vote must be counted, and safeguards must be in place to prevent fraud.  She co-sponsored SB 1, a strong, tough election reform bill that made it easy to vote and hard to cheat.   

  • In 2021, Democrats fled the state and shut down the legislative process to try and kill these important election reform bills.  Stephanie Klick and other Republicans held firm, forcing Democrats to get back to work so that landmark Election Integrity bills passed the House and became law.   
  • Stephanie voted for a bill to stop the influence of outside forces, such as when Mark Zuckerberg was pouring large sums into Texas’ largest counties in an attempt to influence local elections.    
  • Stephanie supports voter ID to ensure that we can verify who is actually voting, and voted to extend voter ID requirements to those who vote by mail.  

Stephanie Klick Award

For her conservative legislative record, Rep. Klick was named a “Faith and Family Champion” by pro-family organization Texas Values  

Protecting Religious Liberty

Ensuring Government Can Never Close Churches 

The events of the recent past made clear: during times of trials and tribulations, we need strong, responsive churches that are open and available to be the hands and feet of Christ and meet the needs of our people.  Religious expression and the freedom to worship is foundational to our nation, but these freedoms are increasingly under assault. 

Representative Klick took action to protect religious liberty, including giving voters the opportunity to amend the Constitution and ban local officials from closing houses of worship.  In the November 2021 Constitutional election, voters strongly approved this amendment, ensuring that the right to worship in Texas is enshrined in the state Constitution. 

In response to restrictions imposed during COVID, Stephanie voted to pass legislation which allows your minister, priest, pastor or spiritual advisor to visit you while in the hospital.  

Opposing Critical Race Theory (CRT)

Rep. Klick Voted to Ban CRT in Texas Classrooms 

Stephanie opposes Critical Race Theory (CRT) as a dangerous and divisive movement that assumes the very worst about people, without any evidence, simply because of their skin color.  CRT even promotes the false view that our nation was founded based in racism, and teaches our kids that they belong to one of two groups: the oppressed, or the oppressor.  This toxic, false viewpoint has its roots in identity-based Marxism, pits people against one another, and judges people by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character. That’s why Stephanie worked to pass a bill to ban the teaching of CRT in our public school systems, and she will remain vigilant in ensuring this teaching does not take root in student’s curriculum.  

Improving Education, Respecting Parent Rights

Parents always have the final say in the education of their children

Stephanie supports policies which improve the quality of education and protect the parent as the ultimate and final decision maker in their child’s education.  Families alone know what is best for their child: public schools, charter schools, private schools, or home school.   More education choices and options mean more opportunity for a quality education.  

Stephanie Klick Back the Blue

Sen. Donna Campbell and Stephanie Klick shown here with Gov. Greg Abbott at the signing of HB 9. Rep. Klick authored this bill in the Texas House to stop anti-police protestors from endangering the lives of police offers at a hospital. 

Banning A State Income Tax  

Texas is one of only seven states without an income tax, and Stephanie worked to ensure we never do.   In 2017, Stephanie was the House author of a bill to ban a state income tax in Texas.  In the 2019 session, she worked to support legislation that would give voters the chance to amend the Texas Constitution and ensure our state will never follow the disastrous paths of high-tax states like California.  In November 2019, Texans overwhelmingly approved this measure to protect taxpayers from big-spending politicians. 

Supporting Our Retired Teachers with a Well-Deserved Cost of Living Increase 

Stephanie Klick consistently votes for our retired teachers and helped pass a recent law to provide them with a cost of living increase.   She believes that after teachers leave the profession and enter retirement, they should have the assurance that the benefits promised to them will be there. She has worked to ensure that the TRS pension fund is actuarily sound.